Range of remedies

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge?

A first consultation is £62, which includes prescribed remedies and lasts about an hour. Second and subsequent consultations of 45 minutes are £52.Some or all of the cost of your consultation may be covered by health insurance companies, such as Simply Health.


How many times will I need to come and see you?

Typically a course of treatment may require three or four consultations, although some conditions could involve further visits. The complexity and severity of your particular health issues will determine the time needed.


Are there harmful side effects from taking a homeopathic remedy?

Since the remedies are highly diluted they do not have toxic side effects. Sometimes, as part of the treatment process, a person may experience a temporary intensification of symptoms.


Why can't I treat myself with homeopathic remedies from the health food store or chemist?

You can. A range of homeopathic remedies are available across the counter for a number of common injuries and ailments. However, deeper and more complex conditions are best taken to an experienced professional.